ABCYa Paint

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Pinky Dinky Doo

Make a story.=Screen_shot_2011-09-26_at_11.06.48_PM.png=

Kevin's Symbaloo

Magnetic Poetry for Kids Online - Choose First words and write some stories.


Grow a Flower

Every Day is Earth Day

Create a Car

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106x41_Panwapa_logo.jpgPanwapa - A multimedia, global initiative designed to inspire and empower children ages 4-7 to be responsible global citizens. From the makers of Sesame Street.

All about Me book

Let's Make a Calendar

Adopt A Pet - After you make a pet, have a grown up choose "other sites" from the step 3 menu. Then choose email send me your pet. I can put it on your blog.

Storybird - collaborative storytelling Write a math problem. Make us your own story. Share it.

Be an Artist with Sumo Paint

Tumble Town - Great activities

ABCYa for Kindergarten

Various activities in math, literacy and more.

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